ReviewHostingASP.NET – In this tutorial, we will create a simple clock to display the current server time on ASP.NET page. To do this, you will use AJAX to update only the portion of your page that displays the time so that you can keep an accurate time without having to reload the entire web page.

How To Display Current Server Time on ASP.NET Page

Step 1: Creating The Website

At first, create a new ASP.NET empty Website and add an ASP.NET page named ‘Default.aspx’ to it. Then add the following to the Default.aspx page:

1. Add a scriptmanager to the page.

2. Add a timer to the page and name it ‘tmrUpdate’. Set the interval property to ’1000′ which corresponds to the length in milliseconds between each tick of the timer. Then, double click the timer in design mode to generate the tmrUpdate_Tick event method.

3. Add an updatepanel to the page. You can add a ‘<Triggers>’ section to the update panel in source mode. Then, add a new asyncpostbacktrigger to the triggers. After that, set the controlid property to ‘tmrUpdate’ and the eventname property to ‘Tick’. This will tell your update panel to update only when the tick event of our timer executes. The last, add a ‘<ContentTemplate>’ to the update panel. Then, add a label to the content template and name it ‘lblTime’.

Once you have your form setup with a label inside of an update panel that will only be updated in the event that your timer ticks. Now, you are ready to display the time.

Step 2: Displaying The Time

For this example, we will display the current time on the server. Typically client time would be preferred, but for simplicity the time shown in this example will be from the server. To do this, open Default.aspx.cs and add the following code to the tmrUpdate_Tick event method:

Step 3: Test It

At the last, we have to test this out load up the Website. Notice that your label displays the current time and updates every second. Without AJAX, your entire web page would have to reload every time you want to update your time, which in this case is every second. The benefit of using this method of updating is that only your label is being updated as opposed to the entire web page which can take a lot longer to load than one second.

Hope it works for you!

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ASP.NET Hosting Tutorial – Easy Steps to Display Current Server Time on ASP.NET Page