ReviewHostingASP.NET – This part is the most important aspect to improve the speed of ASP.NET website, of course the right tool goes a long way in producing optimized web sites. Here are the tools to  improve the speed of ASP.NET website:

Yahoo’s YSlow

This is a Firefox Add-On and one of the most popular tool among web developers. YSlow has some great features including a grading system, and instructions to make your site optimized. Most of the tips we described to improve the speed of ASP.NET website are also provided as tips in this tool, so once your site is optimized, it will easily upgraded.


Google’s PageSpeed

This is another great Chrome browser extension. Once installed, it is also available as a part of the chrome developer tool bar.


There is no guarantee that you could make all the optimizations that these tools suggest. At the end, it is all based on the website, and requirements you need to support. But combining both of these tools to measure your site’s performance and applying some of the tips that we’ve mentioned earlier, is a great start.


ASP.NET Web Performance Optimization: Tools to Improve The Speed of ASP.NET Website