ReviewHostingASP.NET – For you the serious owners of small to medium-sized businesses who need a project management and the right hosting solution, you can try the best and recommended Collabtive 0.7 hosting which we had listed on this following explanation. Collabtive is a web-based project management software program with the ability to help your business grow. Managing multiple employees, home workers, vendors and customers can be difficult without the right system. Collabtive 0.7 provides an open-source solution for anybody looking for an alternative to Basecamp or Podio. Collabtive is a written in JavaScript and PHP, making it easy to host on a shared or VPS hosting package. With commercial services and easy installation, business owners can easily manage ongoing projects, tasks and workers.

best and recommended Collabtive 0.7 hosting

First Look at Collabtive 0.7

Collabtive targets small and medium-sized businesses using freelance and home workers.  Collabtive 0.7 is a major update to Collabtive. It brings more than 50 changes, big and small, to Collabtive. It is the largest update to Collabtive with the most changes we have ever made in one release. Collabtive 0.7 brings several feature enhancements, improved security and lots of bug fixes:

New Theme

Earlier versions of Collabtive shipped with 2 themes: standard and frost. However, frost was a contributed template that was only loosely based on “standard”. Frost has become unmaintained for some time now. So we have decided to introduce a new template: winter. It is included in the distributed archive and can be selected in the system administration. Users of the old frost theme will be updated to the winter theme automatically when running the Collabtive updater.

Improved security

Collabtive 0.7 fixes several possible security vulnerabilities. None of those can be exploited remotely, so we have rated them as medium severity. More importantly, Collabtive 0.7 adds improved protection against Cross-Site-Scripting (XSS) attacks. It now better filters all user input against malicious Javascript insertion.

Bugs Fixes

More than 25 bugs have been fixed for Collabtive 0.7, making for a more stable experience.

Other improvements
  • A progressbar has been added to the file upload dialog.
  • The hourly rate of users can now be edited.
  • Rounded corners have been enabled for IE9, and the bundled components (tinyMCE, TCPDF) have been updated to their latest versions.
  • Three new languages have been added: Slovenian, Croatian, Farsi and others have been greatly improved.
  • A quick jump bar for selecting projects has been added to the Sidebar.
  • Many more smaller improvements have also been made. For a complete list of changes please refer to the changelog.txt provided with the archive.

Top 3 Best and Recommended Collabtive 0.7 Hosting

Therefore, to find the best hosting choices for business owners who are using Collabtive 0.7, we have reviewed 100+ web hosting companies and found that, and UKWindowsHostASP.NET are the best and recommended web hosts offering Collabtive 0.7 hosting. To enable our readers have a brief knowledge about the 3 companies, we have made the following explanation to show the highlights of them. Scroll down to learn the details. Best and Recommended Collabtive 0.7 Hosting, a user-friendly web hosting provider, has been gaining many webmasters’ trusts. It has been dedicating to offering people the best hosting services since 2008. It offers 4 main packages with different prices. All the packages include unlimited domain, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free data backups, latest PHP Versions, MySQL database and much more.

The classic features of this plan are as follows. This plan with money back guarantee charges €3.00/month. particular, it includes enhanced Plesk Control Panel, unlimited domains, unlimited storage, unlimited websites and free domain name. Besides, you can enjoy automated backups and 24/7 support. What’s more, owns data centers supporting awesome hosting services where located in 5 different countries in Europe.

If you raise more requirements, another option, Budget can be your suitable choice. Budget, besides all the features the regular plan has, includes +5x server performance, SSL certificate, Backups, more MySQL Database and more Email Space. Best and Recommended Collabtive 0.7 Hosting with innumerable followers is an expert in the hosting market. It provides 3 packages with rich features. Host One charges $5.00/mo. Host Two charges $9.00/mo and Host Three charges $14.00/mo on a regular basis. Moreover, you can enjoy 30-days money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service. ahp banner aspnet-01

As for more details of these packages, all of them include the latest Plesk Control Panel, huge bandwidth and diskspace. Moreover, each plan is integrated with unlimited domains, email accounts and huge databases. Additionally, a free domain name is also included in the meantime.

Apart from that, all the packages give you access 24×7 support instant backups and at least 99.9% uptime guarantee. More importantly, there are many tutorials and documentations to help you solve any problems regarding their services.

UKWindowsHostASP.NET Best and Recommended Collabtive 0.7 Hosting

UKWindowsHostASP.NET, supported by professional teams, has been gaining more and more users’ recognition. If you want to host your Collabtive 0.7 with high performance, this web host offers you an affordable plan. The features of these packages are as below.

ukwindows net 5 banner-02Starter package charging £3.00/month includes 1 MySQL databases, 5 domains, 1 GB disk space and 20 GB bandwidth. Economy package charging £5.50/month. Besides, this package includes 2 MySQL databases with 200 MB spaces, 5 GB disk space and 50 GB bandwidth. The most popular package is Developer charging £9.00/month includes unlimited domains, 20 GB disk space and 100 GB bandwidth. The last one is Enterprise charging £17.00/month includes 10 MySQL databases, unlimited domains, diskspace and bandwidth.

In the meantime, all the packages enable you to enjoy 24x7x365 UK-based support and have more than 310 free applications. Moreover, it is a plus of UKWindowsHostASP.NET to have the enhanced Speed Zone technology which assists you to keep your site running extremely fast.

Top 3 Best and Recommended Collabtive 0.7 Hosting