ReviewHostingASP.NET – One of the most popular of the WordPress alternatives for CMS is Geeklog. Geeklog is a feature-full CMS written in PHP that can use MySQL, PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL server for its databases. It includes among its features content syndication, forums, calendars, polls multi-language support and mass user deletion. If you need help, it actually uses a wiki for its official documentation. Popular sites Groklaw and Mac OS X Hints have used it for years. In 2011, Geeklog 1.8.1 comes out as the maintenance and recommended upgrade for Geeklog 1.8.0. If you looking for the best Geeklog 1.8.1 hosting, sure, you may want to review our below list of the best Geeklog 1.8.1 hosting in our database.

best and recommended Geeklog 1.8.1 hosting

Geeklog 1.8.1 Key Features

Geeklog 1.8.1 ships with jQuery 1.6.3, which fixes a possible XSS in that JavaScript library, which shouldn’t have affected Geeklog itself, but may potentially exist in add-ons that make extensive use of jQuery. Geeklog 1.8.1 also fixes two cases of information leakage, where the OAuth consumer key and secret were exposed when enabling the “rootdebug” option (which is off by default). Also, the MS SQL driver was displaying full details of SQL errors by default. Other changes in this release are:

  1. Fixed a regression in Geeklog 1.8.0 that made the [code] and [raw] tags not escape content properly.
  2. Fixed problems with adding or removing items to/from arrays in the Configuration.
  3. The admin’s User Editor no longer loses changes when an error occured.
  4. Fixed images not being displayed in the story preview (when editing an existing story).
  5. Plugins can now set $_SCRIPTS in the plugin_getFooter() function.
  6. Fixed some warnings raised by PHP 5.4 (currently in beta).

Choosing The Best Geeklog 1.8.1 Hosting

Choosing the best Geeklog 1.8.1 hosting is not easy, as no two web hosting providers (especially in terms of their support) are alike. We have reviewed dozens of reputed web hosts based on the criteria of compatibility, price, uptime, speed, ease of use and technical support. To install and run Geeklog 1.8.1, your web hosting provider must meet certain minimum requirements.

Linux or Windows

For operation system, we recommend both Linux and Windows server can host a Geeklog 1.8.1 site. Even though PHP & MySQL run well in Linux and Apache, Microsoft and IIS also has proven to be fast and reliable when come to any application built on PHP & MySQL.

PHP Configuration

The value of PHP memory_limit will decide the maximum amount of memory that PHP script is allowed to allocate. For Geeklog, we recommend it to be 32MB at least. If a Geeklog site has large image in its contents, it would be great if memory_limit could be 64MB. And PHP could runs as suPHP for better Geeklog 1.8.1 security.

Geeklog Friendly Customer Support

A Geeklog-friendly web host should have good knowledge on Gekklog 1.8.1 to help on trouble shooting when their customers have issues related to their Geeklog 1.8.1 hosting. It’s painful to work with a web host knowing nothing about it.

1-Click Geeklog 1.8.1 Installation

1-Click Geeklog 1.8.1 installation is not that valuable for an experienced Joomla webmaster, but it definitely helps Joomla newbies a lot of to setup their first site.

Most web hosts meet these requirements. However, a few stand out by also actively supporting the Geeklog community. If you need best and recommended Geeklog 1.8.1 hosting, consider selecting one of these three reliable companies >>, and All their solutoins are 100% compatible with Geeklog 1.8.1 and could run the site smoothly, fast, and securely.

Best Geeklog 1.8.1 Hosting – is a very popular web hosting service provider in the European industry, it’s fast and cheap. Its web hosting solution has been proven to be 100% compatible with Geeklog 1.8.1. shared hosting start from €3.00/month for windows and €2.00/month for Linux shared hosting respectively. As its customer, you will receive unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited diskspace and free global CDN service. Their MySQL has been well optimized and can be access very fast, which really make Geeklog 1.8.1 site run smoothly in it.

Another thing makes outstanding is that after 30 days trial period, you can request your remaining money back based on how many months you still have with them. This is really keep your money in safe.

Best Geeklog 1.8.1 Hosting offers 3 main packages with affordable prices: Economy $7.00/month aims to fulfill your common need for a website. Professional and Business respectively charging $14.00/month and $21.00/month are suitable for you to manage a larger and more complex website.

The 3 packages include unlimited domain pointers, PHP with MySQL or MSSQL for the database, they also has some web application installer covering Geeklog 1.8.1 and more. As for billing, they offer 3 options, namely 3-month billing, 1-year billing and 3-year billing. Moreover, the packages enable you to accept domain transfers and use international domains. As for the control panel, includes a web-based control panel. This company supported by dual quad-core Dell branded servers is able to guarantee at least 99.9% uptime and fast the response time which is 317ms. As for customer services, it offers 24/7 technical support via email, ticket and live chat.

Best Geeklog 1.8.1 Hosting – is fast and stable web hosting with responsive support. The performance of their database (MySQL or MSSQL) has been well tuning so that your Geeklog 1.8.1 can run very fast in their server. hosting package starts from $2.50/month only, and it guarantees on 30 days full money back and prorated refund after first 30 days. It’s perfect for individual freelancer and web developers to build a Geeklog 1.8.1 site.

In above, we list out some great shared web hosting for Geeklog 1.8.1 but this type of hosting will limit your usuage on CPU or Memory, it’s uaually not a good choice for Geeklog site with high traffic. According to data we have collected, most webmasters will consider to migrate their site to dedicated when daily page view exceed 500. So, if you get a busy Geeklog 1.8.1 site, you shoud consider a dedicated hosting.

Choose this 3 Providers for Your Geeklog 1.8.1 Hosting