ReviewHostingASP.NET – In this day, the number of employees in organizations has been increasing, it’s too large and difficult for anyone at the executive level to keep track of each employee informally. Luckily, Human Resources Management (HRM) Software comes out to handle this kind of problem. Human Resources Management (HRM) Software is a form of enterprise content and data management. It is used to carry out routine HR tasks and to organize HR documents and information, such as personnel files, employee records, and compliance forms. OrangeHRM was the first Open Source HR Management system available when it was released in 2006, and has been a leader in bringing HRM software to small and medium enterprises. Due to its popularity, a large number of hosting providers are competing to provide OrangeHRM hosting. Here we find that the following worthwhile hosting provider can support the best OrangeHRM 2.7 hosting with high availability and practicability.

OrangeHRM Key Features

OrangeHRM is  a human resource management system which geared toward handling the entire employment lifecycle. OrangeHRM achieves this through a modular deployment of the specific functions of an HR management system. Here are the specific key features:

System AdministrationUser RolesPersonnel Information Management (PIM)Vacation and Time off ManagementTime & Attendance ManagementRecruitmentOnboarding and OffboardingDocument ManagerDisciplinary TrackingPerformance
OrangeCRM provides HR Managers centralized control over key HR functions, as well the ability to query and export data on almost every aspect of Human Resources throughout the company.
With OrangeHRM, employees at different levels within the organization, from front-line labor to C-level executives, can be granted or restricted access to sensitive HR data or everyday HR tasks, based on customizable user roles and permissions.
This allows you to keep track of your worker’s data and biographical information, as well as work and project history, skill assessment results, and other employee file items.
Automatically keep track of Vacation, Sick Day, and Leave of Absence information, including customizable rules for special needs like accrual policies and local calendars. This feature also provides robust reporting for managers, and the ability for employees to look up their available time off and schedule vacations.
 OrangeHRM handles time sheets, clock-ins, and absence reporting. Data about hours worked and absenteeism can be viewed for individual employees and also in the aggregate for the whole company or a subset of employees.
This set of integrated features helps automate the entire recruiting process. Allow applicants to upload resumes online, automatically parse and search applicant submission, track interview notes, and automate process notifications.
Track paperwork, certifications, exit interviews, and other onboarding and offboarding records with OrangeHRM. Advanced features include background screening management, deployment and removal of login credentials, and regulatory compliance assistance.
Easily template common HR documents such as employee contracts, hiring offer letters, and termination notices. Auto-fill documents with relevant company or employee information, and export to PDF for printing.
Employee discipline, especially when employment status is at risk, is an especially difficult and legally fraught process. Good record keeping and thorough documentation is an absolute necessity. OrangeHRM helps you manage the discipline process, while keeping sensitive data secure.
Employee discipline, especially when employment status is at risk, is an especially difficult and legally fraught process. Good record keeping and thorough documentation is an absolute necessity. OrangeHRM helps you manage the discipline process, while keeping sensitive data secure.

The latest stable version of OrangeHRM is version 2.7. OrangeHRM 2.7 has been crafted and fine tuned with many performance improvements for exclusive usage.

OrangeHRM 2.7 Hosting Requirements

Here are the minimum requirements to run OrangeHRM 2.7 on a hosting server:

System RequirementsServer UptimeLoad SpeedServer LocationSupport
With no restrictions or special requirements, the Modified eCommerce Shopsoftware can be installed on on any environment that supports PHP 5.0 and MySQL, which includes Linux, Solaris, BSD, and Microsoft Windows environments.
This is the most important key factor, Uptime is the amount of time that a server has stayed up and running online, sure you certainly want your Modified eCommerce Shop hosting to stay online 24/24 so that you will not miss any order.
With a fast load speed hosting, your customers will have better user-experience, they can check more products, read more pages on your sites and of course, they are likely to buy more products.
 This is mostly for SEO purpose, if you target customers in Germany for example, then go ahead with OrangeHRM 2.7 hosting provider in Europe. If you are targeting UK customers, then make sure that your OrangeHRM 2.7 hosting server is in UK.
It’s also important that the hosting provide can provide reliable support for all web hosting related problems and for OrangeHRM issues as well. Make sure that they can deal with the simple hosting-Orange HRM issues first (not all complicated issues).

Who is The Best OrangeHRM 2.7 Hosting?

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Who is The Best OrangeHRM 2.7 Hosting Provider ?