ReviewHostingASP.NET – PHP may be king of the web, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for some renowned ASP .NET CMS that can not only give you the power you need to develop gorgeous, high-concept websites with a strong backbone but will also give you experience working with the ever-popular .NET platform used in business. Sitefinity is an active server pages .NET (ASP.NET) Content Management System (CMS) for enterprise level businesses. This CMS platform empowers marketers with a self-service approach to optimizing content and measuring results. Online marketing tools speed the path to conversion goals with personalization, marketing automation, social media and contextual analytics that provide actionable insight to content performance. The release of Sitefinity 8.1 comes with many new updates for both the Content Management System (CMS) and Digital Experience Cloud (DEC). Knowing that Sitefinity is an innovative ASP.NET CMS, it’s good for you to choose the best ASP.NET hosting for your Sitefinity 8.1 website. In this post, we recommend you going with the best and reliable Sitefinity 8.1 hosting provider as below.

More About Sitefinity 8.1

If you’re an administrator, marketer and or developer these enterprise-level features are geared towards you, Sitefinity 8.1 provides solutions to current bugs you may be experiencing along with improvements to the Translation Module, Site Sync and Email Campaigns. Let’s explore and see how these new features can help you:

Translation Management

You can now integrate with third-party translation vendors directly from the Sitefinity platform. By using this feature it will reduce effort, save time and improve quality. This integration will instantly allow you to export and import content in XLIFF format which is supported by most translation agencies.

Email Campaign Enhancements

Provides more control using interval-timed batch sending, improved usability and scalability and allowing integrations with hosted delivery services.

Site Sync Functionality Improvements

Allows multiple sync operations at once so the user can schedule more than one sync task at a time. Scheduling of site sync tasks gives the user the ability to see upcoming Site Sync tasks and sync history, showing a list of all completed sync’s which will include details on their scope and errors. All these additions will extend the usage of Site Sync and will give greater visibility on future and past syncs.

Additional MVC Widgets

Available to assist developers with creating new applications and extensions that control the core CMS and its content while saving time.

Digital Experience Cloud (DEC) Improvements
  • Upgraded Analytics – Conversion tracking and predictive analytics based on a specific demographic such as a job title or geographic location.
  • Flexible Visitor Tracking – Can now easily track visitors across subdomains and configure tracking for multiple website. This feature also allows for excluding traffic from specified IP Addresses.
  • Enhanced Integration – improved data import from, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle Eloqua using email address as the primary piece of identifying information.

Who is The Best & Reliable Sitefinity 8.1 Hosting?

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Price is a web hosting provider known for its professional ASP.NET hosting plans ranging from shared web hosting to dedicated server hosting that can meet the demands of nearly all-sized businesses. Over the past 8 years since its reception, has gained respect from both the developer and business communities. You won't go wrong with their best and reliable Sitefinity 8.1 hosting service that they have been fully tested by so many developers.

Why is The Best & Reliable Sitefinity 8.1 Hosting?

These best and recommended Sitefinity 8.1 hosting provider is rated rated from the following particular 4 aspects:

Windows OS
The latest version of Windows OS is the key point of a quality ASP.NET hosting solution. And now, the best choices are Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2008R2. In fact, all the recommended hosting companies support the mentioned Windows operating systems.

ASP.NET Frameworks
As ASP.NET websites have to run in the corresponding .NET framework, it’s better that the web host can support most of frameworks from v1.1 to v5.0. In this case that you can have maximum flexibility for you websites and keep the possibility upgrading to the higher version.

ASP.NET Trust Level
It’s configured for each website by .net infrastructure. you should know the exact configuration before the payment. in our research, 70% websites can be run only under the fully trust level. if your hosting company doesn’t tell that they support fully trust, you should be careful that your website may not run correctly in the host finally. surely, you can ask for money back but it’s time wasting.

MSSQL Edition
MSSQL makes a big difference to store all data from the website, which is a Windows based database. Note that, the latest version of MSSQL is the SQL Server 2014.

Control Panel
Plesk is the best reliable control panel for web hosting but WebSitePanel is also easy-to-use control panel which is renamed from dotnetpanel in mar, 2011. These two control panels are both fine in our opinion.

Knowledge of Microsoft technology support
You can easily call the technical support of the web host and ask some technical questions about ASP.NET website configuration and deployment. This is certainly important especially when you have a problem in the future. Sitefinity 8.1 hosting packages all comes with ASP.NET v2/v3.5/v4.5/v5 and supports most versions of the frameworks including MVC, LINQ, AJAX and Silverlight. Besides, allows Full Trust to make sure that ASP.NET websites can run perfectly without the bother of the codes that cannot run.

Customers's hosting experience is guaranteed by excellent technical support team which is very helpful, knowledgeable and responsive to phone calls, emails and live chat. In addition, offers every account with 30 days full money back and anytime post-rate money back guarantee. That makes customer's Sitefinity 8.1 hosting risk-free.

Best and Reliable Sitefinity 8.1 Hosting