ReviewHostingASP.NET – Are you looking to start an entirely new online store? Or you want to transfer your online store platform? Sure you need to find the hosting provider which support and works wells with the e-commerce platform. So, this review can help you to learn the fundamentals as well as your fit with the best and recommended osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4 hosting.


What is osCommerce Online Merchant?
osCommerce Online Merchant is a comprehensive e-commerce platform based on PHP which gives the best solution for online retailers. “os” at osCommerce means open-source. And one of the popular branch off of the osCommerce software is ZenCart. Currently, more than 12,000 business owners use osCommerce as the backbone for their self-hosted online store.

Features of osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4
On 2014, osCommerce has release its new version, osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4. There are some features that support osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4:

Self hosted and open source solutions. It means that there are no limits to the number of products that can be uploaded using the platform.

Contains both a catalog frontend and an administration tool backend which can be easily installed and configured through a web-based installation procedure.

Thousands of free community add-ons make just about any in-store functionality possible.

There are many 3rd party services that integrate easily with osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4. as The Best and Recommended osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4 Hosting Provider claims to provide the best and recommended osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4 Hosting web service at an affordable price, which is very appealing to many webmasters. In order to value their promise, our editors have made an in-depth review of this company based on its price, features, reliability, speed, and technical support.

Not only that, we have been hosting one of our small-sized osCommerce store on its shared platform for about 5 months, and kept monitoring this store closely. As the results, hosting plans have been extensively and rigorously tested to support and exceed the requirements of the best and recommended osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4 Hosting.

Why Choose for osCommerce Online Merchant 2.3.4 Hosting?

Performance and Reliabilty
When it comes to hosting reliability, has done a lot of hard work to satisfy their customers. In the months when we are with them, we have never met any serious downtime and run our websites smoothly with at least 99.9% uptime. According to our survey, the other customers of this company are also satisfied with the uptime they get. They also carefully choose high-quality servers, networking, and infrastructure equipment to ensure the utmost reliability.

Plans and Price
To enable customers to choose the most proper hosting plan, this company offers 4 paid shared hosting solutions, named as Classic, Budget, Economic and Business, which are priced at €3.00/ month, €5.50/month, €8.00/month and €11.00/month respectively. What’s more, this company provides 30 days money back guarantee to enable customers to ask for a refund if they want to cancel their accounts in the first 30 days, which ensures that customers can put their money in safe.

Technical Support
As a reputed web hosting provider, allows customers to contact the support team via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also the costumers can contact these representatives via ticket, live chat, and FAQ section. All the support staffs are experienced in this industry for at least 3 years, and they have a deep knowledge about hosting.

What are People Saying about


Amazing host. Fast, friendly service. Will be recommending to all my clients and friends. Seriously… Best host I’ve encountered.

Jonathan Fann


I have found my whole experience with Hostforlife to be good.
Not only were they very helpful but also very quick with their responses. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to a friend. Thank you support team.

Benjamin Phillips


Although I am on a small hosting plan, with everything is about quality and support for the customer. The customer support is really great and will go to great measures to help the customer. Thumbs up to and the team behind it.

Zeid Fanous
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