dolphin7ReviewHostingASP.NET – Dolphin 7.1.5 is an open-source community building software. It can be used for development of dating sites and social network portals. It provides various features which will allow the webmasters to build web sites similar to Facebook, Youtube, MySpace, Flickr and others. The application provides different tools like chats, multimedia functionality, forums, groups, e-mail functionality, events and much more. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add HTML and text to the Join Form page in Dolphin 7.1.5. If you have ever wanted to add a few more details or spruce up the Join form then this might be what you have been looking for.

Step 1 – How to Add Both HTML & Text into The Join Page

The first thing you need to do is login to the Dolphin 7.1.5 Administration (Backend) Dashboard. Then find and navigate to: Builders >> Pages Builder. In the drop down menu box select Join Page.


Step 2 – How to Add Both HTML & Text into The Join Page

The contents/blocks for the Join Page/Form will load up and be displayed. Find the HTML Block in the “Samples” section. Drag it up to wherever you want it such as right above the “Login” block, and let go.


Step 3 – How to Add Both HTML & Text into The Join Page

Now click on the center of the HTML block and a window should open. Fill in a title/caption for the HTML block, which is the “Caption Lang Key:” box/line. Now type your text/content in the editor and save the changes.


Step 4 – How to Add Both HTML & Text into The Join Page

If you want to add custom HTML you can either click the little “HTML” icon, or on the “Toggle HTML Editor” at the bottom of the editor.


Step 5 – How to Add Both HTML & Text into The Join Page

If you use the “HTML” icon in the editor a window will open where you can type or paste your custom HTML code. Then, click the “Update” button to save the changes back to the Dolphin editor.


Step 6 – How to Add Both HTML & Text into The Join Page

You will be returned to the editor. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the editor. Now go to your Join Page/Form ( and see how it looks.


You may need to clear the Dolphin cache if you make several changes by going to Tools >> Cache >> Clear All.

Step 7 – How to Add Both HTML & Text into The Join Page

If you use the HTML link/icon in the editor it tends to strip certain types of custom HTML coding out when you try to save it. So if it seems like your changes are not being updated or saved then this is likely why. Using the “Toggle HTML Editor” seems to do a slightly better job, and it is a little less likely to strip out html code. So if you are having difficulties try this one.


It is possible to manually go into the database and add custom HTML coding there. However, it is a much more time-consuming process, and it can be a little confusing if you are new to working with databases. Try “Toggle HTML Editor” at first, or try to use a variation of your HTML code.

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Dolphin 7.1.5 Hosting Tutorial: How to Add Both HTML and Text into The Join Page