PrintYou may have heard about social networking or social media marketing. These are basically websites that you can use to give people information about your site and do so in a way that you can targeted traffic back to your site. The best way to learn this social marketing is to actually do this yourself on your site.

The first thing to do is to compose your article, your blog post, or your web page. You can use any number of free websites to create your content. This is the first thing that needs to happen before you’ll get the benefits of social networking for your site specifically. You can always start with other people’s websites or web pages, but typically you’ll get the most benefit by doing some of both.

Once you’re ready to go with your blog post or article, you’ll need to setup new accounts with the social bookmarking sites you can find on The advantage of using a service like this is that you’ll be able to bookmark your articles or blog posts with one main website instead of having to repeat the process and visit multiple websites with each bookmarking process.

The title should have your main keyword phrase and the title of your blog post or article. These may match some of the time, or most of the time, but when you don’t have the keyword, add it unless it makes the keyword too long.

The description is another part of using Use this description as a strong call to action to get people to your website. You obviously don’t want to deceive people into visiting by promising them something that isn’t there, but make sure that in the description, you give a compelling reason for people to want to read more or find out more information.

You’ll be prompted for your web address which you’ll need to supply. Just make sure this is the web address for the exact page that you’re trying to get ranked or “deep linked”. If you use the main domain instead of the specific article or blog post page, you’ll get those links blocked because they’ll be duplicates. Basically, make sure you’re bookmarking only individual pages assuming you’ve already added bookmarks for the main domain using your most appropriate keyword phrase for the entire site.

Tags are another thing you’ll be prompted for when bookmarking your sites. These tags are basically keywords, usually 1-2 word keyword phrases that can be used to identify relatively broadly the article or blog post. As tagsFind Article, you should use both a main keyword phrase that you’re trying to get ranked as well as some of the more broad keyword phrases that better represent what people on these social bookmarking sites will actually search for. These sites are a lot like a search engines that people use to find very relevant updated content on their search topics.

These are some relatively easy ways to get traffic back to your website. One of the things about this is that it becomes difficult to stay organized. I personally don’t try too hard to stay organized on this as I do have analytics installed on my website so I can track where most of my traffic comes from. You’ll tend to see patterns that some sites will work better than others at generating traffic.

How To Get Social Media Sites To Link To You