ReviewHostingASP.NET – What’s your favorite online survey tool? There are a large number of tools available for doing surveys, but some survey can be very confidential and you don’t want any third party having access to the results, or simply you want to control from end to end your survey and be able to customize it as you wish. If this the case, LimeSurvey is what you need. It’s a survey application that allows users to simply create powerful online question-and-answer surveys and yet with great reliance, it can support thousands of participants without much effort. In this article, we’re gonna dig more about LimeSurvey, what are the benefits of using this tool and how to choose your ideal LimeSurvey hosting.

The Main Design Features you Require for Online Survey

Ability to Specify Skip Patterns
The ability to specify skip patterns is a powerful feature becoming increasingly common in survey software. Skip patterns can often drastically reduce the time it will take respondents to complete your survey and, as a result, can often decrease your drop-out rate. An example of a skip pattern is asking a question such as “Have you used the search feature of this resource?” If you then have a short series of questions about search, if someone answers No, then a well-designed survey will jump right past those questions without ever presenting them to the respondent. A poorly designed survey will either go ahead and ask them a series of irrelevant questions, or just include a text instruction that instructs the user to manually skip ahead to a particular question. While this was common when most surveys were done on paper, it is much better to do this automatically as it will make your data much cleaner, and make the survey appear shorter to respondents.

Available Question Types
Available question types is also a consideration. Will your survey mainly be simple responses, or do you need some sort of complex question types such as multiple response tables, tables partially displayed based on skip patterns, or the option to allow for unusually long text box responses? If you plan out your survey in advance before setting it up in the software, you will have a better idea of the functions you will need.

Unlimited Questions and Responses
How long does your survey need to be, and how many responses do you anticipate? Most of the tools listed offer basic packages, which are often free but are limited in the number of questions you can include and/or the number of responses you are able to receive. In this consideration, you can search for a tool that could give unlimited number of surveys at the same time, unlimited number of questions in a survey and unlimited number of participants to a survey, in one package.

We have to say that LimeSurvey meets the requirements that we have listed above. As a popular and powerful open source survey tool, LimeSurvey is free, relatively easy to use and full featured. In addition to the main features requirements mentioned above, LimeSurvey gets an impressive list of features, such as:

  • Multi-lingual surveys
  • User-management
  • WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Quotas management
  • Integration of pictures and movies into a survey
  • Creation of a printable survey version
  • Piping and Micro-tailoring using a powerful expression engine
  • Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email
  • Cookie or session based surveys
  • Template editor for creating your own page layout
  • Back-office data entry possibility
  • Enhanced import and export functions to text, CSV, PDF, SPSS, R, queXML and MS Excel format
  • Basic statistical and graphical analysis with export facility
  • Screen Reader Accessiblity
  • W3C compliance

No only that, LimeSurvey also includes third party modules are available to connect LimeSurvey to WordPress and Drupal. You can actually use LimeSurvey for any type of survey/data collection, such as marketing surveys, customer satisfaction, order form for product samples, university tests, etc. – Your Ideal LimeSurvey Hosting

We have found LimeSurvey to be a good fit with your survey needs, you can launch your survey with complex skip patterns and a good amount of customization, and you can easily connect this survey tools to other sources, like your call management system. If this post has sparked your interest in LimeSurvey, we encourage you to give it a try. But the downside is the need to host the software on your own server, which may be overkill for simpler survey needs. For choosing the best and ideal LimeSurvey hosting, we highly recommend you to as your reliable hosting partner. You can count on their unique handmade LimeSurvey hosting solution. They will make sure that LimeSurvey runs smoothly on their servers. Not only that, they also guarantee that your surveys are safer, faster and better supported than anywhere else.

Fast and Secure Servers

whyus2 powerful servers are especially optimized and ensure the best LimeSurvey performance.

  • Best data centers on 5 countries on Europe continents
  • Hardware setup with focus on speed
  • Unique account isolation for security
  • 24/7 proactive uptime monitoring

Amazing Support Team

whyus1 (2) support team is extremely fast and can help you with setting up and using LimeSurvey
on your account.

  • LimeSurvey installation, transfer and help
  • 24/7 availability on phone, chat and tickets
  • Below 1 min wait time on phone and chat

Unique Hosting Extras

whyus7 provides extra multiple features  in your package that enhance your hosting account:

  • You are covered against failures with our free daily backup
  • The appropriate PHP version
  • Optimized MySQL for faster handling of requests

Although it is a good idea to check whether your host supports the necessary PHP and MySQL versions, the vast majority of hosts do. While LimeSurvey is a free download, it may have an effect on system resources depending on the number of scope and surveys you create. This could incur additional costs in case you are not careful, but this should not be an issue for most users. Hardware requirements for LimeSurvey hosting are low. It requires less than 100MB of storage, a fresh version of MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server, as well as PHP 5.x or later, with a few common modules. Don’t worry, can provide all of this for you without any charge.

You can create an unlimited number of surveys, with unlimited questions and an unlimited number of participants, in multiple languages. In case you go too far, you may exceed your bandwidth, run out of storage or place too much load on your server, but you won’t have to worry about this potential problem, because can give you unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage to solve your problem. also offers LimeSurvey hosting as a one-click install via their hosting control panels, making the process even easier.

LimeSurvey: A Powerful Tool for Online Survey