ReviewHostingASP.NET – If you are planning to open a new online store and you are wondering what a good option for your e-commerce platform, we have worked out a comprehensive review of nopCommerce to help you make clear whether it is a good option for creating an e-commerce site. nopCommerce is one of the most famous open-source ASP.NET e-commerce software, allowing people to set up their online business stores in an easy and convenient manner. Instead of including e-commerce extension or programming a new shopping cart for your ERP system, it is more practical to integrate with nopCommerce. These are available as pre-integrated shopping carts. nopCommerce offers e-commerce solutions and make your sales order processing invoices easy. Besides, this software has a frontend catalog and the backend is the administration tool. It is a simple and user-friendly shopping cart solution. Also, nopCommerce can be hosted with your existing web host as well.


Factors to Consider in an E-commerce Platform

What factors did we consider to be the most important in selecting the best e-commerce platform? Here are the most important features that the best e-commerce platform must have:

  • Easy, one page checkout process.
  • Custom URLs, Title tags, Meta tags, Page Titles, Alt img attributes, etc. for SEO.
  • Search optimized internal navigation
  • Customizable design with very pretty basic templates.
  • Powerful backend store.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Integration with 3rd party software like Google Analytics, Website Optimizer, Live Chat, etc.
  • Available for free and have technical support.

What Makes nopCommerce Stand above other
E-commerce Platforms?

nopCommerce Pricing

nopCommerce comes for free. It can be downloaded and made to run within few minutes of installation. You may follow the installation instructions of the nopCommerce and take full advantage of the latest technologies that help you in your sales. This software helps your customers in locating you with ease. With its pluggable architecture, the presentation elements and additional functionality in the software can be easily added. Moreover, it provides unique control and flexibility.

nopCommerce Features

nopCommerce is the latest software that has several features enabling to improve your business. This shopping cart application is compatible with ASP.NET hosting platform and ensures fast, reliable and secure features.

Multi-Store Allowance

nopCommerce contains the feature of multi-store that helps users in running multiple stores from the one installation of nopCommerce. This way, you are able to operate several domains from a single panel of administration. You can also share data of catalogues between the stores. With this feature, your customers are able to login to all the stores via the same credentials.

Mobile Commerce

The best thing about nopCommerce is that it allows people to start an online business via mobiles without any hassle. Mobile commerce is also called mCommerce. It is the ability of a website to conduct trade with the help of mobile devices. nopCommerce allows the users in creating the mobile versions of their websites by suing the user-friendly graphical interface with the help of a single click.

Management of Stocks

The inventory management allows you as the owners of the stores to discern the available quantity of the stock. You can also manage the pre-orders and back-orders for your products too. Partial deliveries and multiple ware houses are supported.

Product Attributes

You can create as many attributes as possible for the products according to your loving colour and designs. All of these attributes have their own stock level, image, weight and price. You can easily add the options of texts on the products. You can also upload variant files as well.

Downloadable Products

nopCommerce also allows you to sell downloadable products like ebooks and music files. This can help in the enhancement and selling diversity of your online stores.

Ratings and Product Reviews

This is the best kind of marketing as people can be convinced better by the online rating contributed by many other users. nopCommerce asks the feedback of the customers on the products and then allows other people to know about these reviews.

Additionally, using this software, a novice can handle with deftness his online businesses. Some of the nopCommerce features include News RSS, Search engine friendly URL, Real time currency rates of exchange, Contact us form, Supports sales discount and price, SMS notification and live chat integration, Social media integration, Multilingual support, Quick books integration, Unlimited products and supports related products, PCI DSS compliant, Supports discounts, and more.

nopCommerce Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

nopCommerce has maintained a reward point system. All the points can be easily redeemed by the customers on the purchase of extra products. In addition to this, it also provides the feature of social media marketing to the clients as well. Complete support is provided that is relevant to the product. nopCommerce also offers coupons and discounts to the clients. Gift cards and several other promotion strategies are adopted by nopCommerce. When it comes to SEO, nopCommerce gathers all those features that are considered necessary for improving the SEO efforts. You are provided with great access to the management of customized URLs and keyword tags. This provides your online store with more weight in the search engines, and more people are likely to see you on the web.

nopCommerce can help you make your site ranked well as the pages load faster and so are listed in Google search results in top and this gives more page views as people browse more and often come back for more. Naturally, more traffic, more revenue with more conversions. The find-ability is better offering full text research that customers love. It also stores faster improving your response time, thereby saving searching time. More reliable as the downtime is almost nil and this gives enough time for excessive resource usage.

nopCommerce Support

If you meet any issue about your nopCommerce store, you are able to go to their forum to find the answer to your question. If you can not find the answer you need, you can go to their Contact Us page to send them an email with the details of your issue. Their support team will send you back as soon as they see your message.


From the aspects we reviewed above, we can get the conclusion that nopCommerce is a good solution for creating an e-commerce site because of its rich features, quality support and free price. Without doubt, this tool is a great option for starting your online business. Are you Australian who want to create nopCommerce site? We highly recommend you to go with They have cheap and reliable Windows hosting package to fit you nopCommerce store. is a line of business under Macrodata Enterprise (ABN: 42 797 697 621), specializes in providing web hosting service to customers in Australia. was established to cater to an under served market in the hosting industry; web hosting for customers who want excellent service.

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Still not convinced with this cheap and reliable nopCommerce Hosting? Check our review about other providers who provide Free ASP.NET Hosting for nopCommerce.

nopCommerce: Is It Good for Your E-Commerce Store?