Orchard 1.10.1  CMS is a free, open source content management system that allows users to rapidly create web sites on the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC platform. It is built on a flexible extensibility framework that enables developers and customizers to provide additional functionality through modules and themes.

Orchard 1.10.1  Hosting is built on a modern architecture that puts extensibility up-front, as its number one concern. All components in Orchard can be replaced or extended. Content is built from easily composable building blocks. Modules extend the system in a very decoupled fashion, where a commenting module for example can as easily apply to pages, blog posts, photos or products. A rich UI composition system completes the picture and ensures that you can get the exact presentation that you need for your content.

Are you looking for Cheap Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting? Finding a high quality Cheap Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting provider is crucial for your web application. Your Orchard 1.10.1 application can only run smooth if it will be hosted on a server which can provide a higher up time & plenty of computing resources. There’re thousands of web hosting providers which offer asp.net hosting, but choosing Cheap Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting provider is a time consuming task. To make your buying decision easy we’ve concluded 3 Best yet Cheap Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting providers which are reliable and offer affordable Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting so that every one can afford it.


What is New in Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting?

Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting fixes bugs and introduces the following notable changes and features:

[Feature] Loading tenants retries configuration
[Feature] Double clicking submit buttons is prevented by JavaScript
[Feature] Configurable Snippets
[Improvement] Using MarkdownSharp Nuget package
[Improvement] AliasUpdater was refreshed twice
[Improvement] AssemblyInfo files are correctly built now
[Bug] Unable to generate routes for Web APIs
[Bug] jQuery and other resources were incorrect
[Bug] Azure App Service crash when an exception is thrown from a [Shape] method
[Bug] Layout editing not working in Edge
[Bug] Azure Media Storage would not recognize its own urls 

Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting Benefits

Orchard is a powerful, open-source Content Management System that runs on the Microsoft .NET platform.


Orchard is fast. It’s been under development for several years and its performance is constantly improved. There are many options available when it comes to content and page caching to increase performance even further and give the very best experience possible to your users. Orchard uses the latest technology to ensure it’s as performant as possible, even under heavy load.

Optimized for Cloud

Orchard CMS has been optimized to make the most of the Azure environment and can be easily scaled up or down depending on the amount of traffic your site handles.

Open Source

Because Orchard is an open source project it’s completely transparent.

A worldwide community of developers use Orchard CMS on a daily basis. This means and problems are found quickly and reported. The bugs are picked up by other Orchard developers who work on fixes and submit them to the public code repository after they’ve been reviewed by the team who looks after the project.

Regular updates are released for Orchard that include bug fixes and additional functionality.

Selecting the for best of the Best ASP.NET Hosting that fully supports Orchard 1.10.1 isn’t a easy job specifically with low value provides. You have to take a large number of factors into consideration, such as the Orchard compatibility, usability, attributes, speed, reliability, price, organization reputation, etc. Consequently, we’ve got established this Orchard 1.10.1 evaluation website, which can be designed to assist you discover the most effective Orchard host inside minutes, depending on our specialized editors’ Orchard hosting encounter and real customers’ feedback.

Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting With ASPHostPortal.com


Free Trial






Host One



Host Unlimited Sites

5 GB Disk Space

60 GB Bandwidth

2 SQL Server db

SQL Server 2008/2012/2014

200 MB SQL Server / db

200 MB Email Space

Host Two



Host Unlimited Sites

15 GB Disk Space

150 GB Bandwidth

4 SQL Server db

SQL Server 2008/2012/2014

500 MB SQL Server / db

500 MB Email Space

Host Three



Host Unlimited Sites

50 GB Disk Space

500 GB Bandwidth

6 SQL Server db

SQL Server 2008/2012/2014

1000 MB SQL Server / db

1000 MB Email Space

Host Four



Host Unlimited Sites

Unlimited Disk Space

Unlimited Bandwidth

10 SQL Server db

SQL Server 2008/2012/2014

1500 MB SQL Server / db

1500 MB Email Space

The ASPHostPortal.com’s Best ASP.NET hosting platform on Windows 2012 and Windows 2008 is compatible with Orchard 1.10.1 hosting. Needless to say, you’ll be able to really feel very comfy with their hosting service. Their best and inexpensive Orchard 1.10.1 hosting package is starting from $5.00/mo only. And with their promo code, you will get free domain as well. Not just that, in addition they supply 30 days cash back guarantee. Their servers are 99.99% uptime, it’s important believe which you require for your Orchard site, so your website is by no means down.

ASPHostPortal.com offers Orchard-optimized managed hosting solutions for on the internet merchants of all sizes. Given that 2008, they’ve been committed to delivering superior efficiency, reliability, security, and support to their clientele. Every Orchard hosting deployment is engineered from the ground as much as be responsive, scalable, and cost-effective.

Reason Choose Orchard 1.10.1 Hosting With ASPHostPortal.com


Reliability and Speed of Access
Not only should the web host be reliable and fast, it should guarantee its uptime (the time when it is functional). Look for a minimum uptime of 99%. In fact, even 99% is actually too low — it really should be 99.5% or higher. The host should provide some sort of refund (eg prorated refund or discount) if it falls below that figure. Note though that guarantees are often hard to enforce from your end — especially if the host denies there was any downtime. However, without that guarantee, the web host will have little incentive to ensure that its servers are running all the time.

Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth)
Data transfer (sometimes loosely referred to as “traffic” or “bandwidth”) is the amount of bytes transferred from your site to visitors when they browse your site. Don’t believe any commercial web host that advertises “unlimited bandwidth”. The host has to pay for the bandwidth, and if you consume a lot of it, they will not silently bear your costs. Many high bandwidth websites have found this out the hard way when they suddenly receive an exorbitant bill for having “exceeded” the “unlimited bandwidth”. Always look for details on how much traffic the package allows. I personally always stay clear of any host that advertises “unlimited transfer”, even if the exact amount is specified somewhere else (sometimes buried in their policy statements). Usually you will find that they redefine “unlimited” to be limited in some way. In addition, while bandwidth provided is something you should always check, do not be unduly swayed by promises of incredibly huge amounts of bandwidth. Chances are that your website will never be able to use that amount because it will hit other limits, namely resource limits. To give you a rough idea of the typical traffic requirements of a website, most new sites that don’t provide video or music on their site use less than 3 GB of bandwidth per month. Your traffic requirements will grow over time, as your site becomes more well-known, so you will need to also check their policy when you exceed your data transfer limit: is there a published charge per GB over the allowed bandwidth? Is the charge made according to actual usage or are you expected to pre-pay for a potential overage? It is better not to go for hosts that expect you to prepay for overages, since it is very hard to forsee when your site will exceed its bandwidth and by how much.

Disk space
For the same reason as bandwidth, watch out also for those “unlimited disk space” schemes. Many new sites (that don’t host videos or music) need less than 20 MB of web space, so even if you are provided with a host that tempts you with 100 GB (or “unlimited space”), be aware that you are unlikely to use that space, so don’t let the 100 GB space be too big a factor in your consideration when comparing with other web hosts. The hosting company is also aware of that, which is why they feel free to offer you that as a means of enticing you to host there.

Technical support
Does its technical support function 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (often abbreviated 24/7), all year around? Note that I will not accept a host which does not have staff working on weekends or public holidays. You will be surprised at how often things go wrong at the most inconvenient of times. Incidentally, just because a host advertises that it has 24/7 support does not necessarily mean that it really has that kind of support. Test them out by emailing at midnight and on Saturday nights, Sunday mornings, etc. Check out how long they take to respond. Besides speed of responses, check to see if they are technically competent. You wouldn’t want to sign up with a host that is run by a bunch of salesmen who only know how to sell and not fix problems.
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