ReviewHostingASP.NET – ASP.NET can’t stand alone, it requires Windows hosting to run. Maybe you had paid for hosting your web in one provider’s server, but you still find that your ASP.NET website is running slow. The speed of ASP.NET website is very dependent on the quality of the Windows server. It’s time for you to check your web host’s server configuration. Here are several things about the server configurations that you have to understand regarding the speed of ASP.NET website.

Using The Right ASP.NET Framework

Check your .NET framework. If you can upgrade your site to use .NET 4.5, then it has some great performance optimizations. .NET 4.5 has a new Garbage Collector which can handle large heap sizes (i.e tens of gigabytes). Some other improvements are Multi-core JIT compilation improvements, and ASP.NET App Suspension. These optimizations do not require code changes. You can overview the performance improvements of .NET 4.5 in this article.

The Amount of RAM

The amount of RAM can causes poor speed of ASP.NET website. A server that does not have enough RAM will not allow for many software programs and applications to run simultaneously. Then, a powerful processor necessarily affects how fast a web will be presented to the user. High RAM capacity will make the data that have been submitted previously by the user can be “remembered” by the server so the server doesn’t have to re-load the same data anymore. Therefore, more RAM equals more speed.

What’s more, the more users who are connected to a server, the more RAM is needed. If there is a great deal of traffic currently or a potential for high traffic in the future, then this should be taken into consideration when installing new or additional RAM components.

CPU and Processor Speed

The more information that a website needs to process, the more your CPU will be used to render the site. For example, a video streaming site not only requests that your CPU render text, but also decode the video and display it. A slow CPU will struggle to display media-rich sites or to render several different pages at the same time (if you’re using a several tabs in your browser). A powerful processor necessarily affects how fast a web will be presented to the user. Processor speed can influence the speed of ASP.NET website just as much as it can affect any programs that you run on it. It’s a good idea to upgrade processor speed if you browse image and video-heavy Internet sites, as well as if you play online video games, either on game servers or on other sites. So, improving the CPU (the processor) speeds up ASP.NET website performance because it means it can compute things quicker.

Server Quality & Compatibility

If your Windows hosting provider doesn’t provide the latest technology, you may be stuck hosting your ASP.NET website on an outdated server. This can definitely result in a slow or poorly performance of ASP.NET website. A good hosting provider can provide you the best Windows hosting with the latest Microsoft technology. is Microsoft no #1 recommended Windows and ASP.NET hosting in European continent which can help you to solve the problems above. They can give you the powerful and excellent uptime guarantee of a server. Not only that, they also provide servers with high quality and specification such as: the latest Windows Server (IIS 7/8/8.5), ASP.NET all versions, the latest Microsoft SQL (2008/2012/2014) and MySQL Server Database. currently operates data centers & networks in 6 countries across the globe. Their data centers also offer complete redundancy in power, HVAC, fire suppression, network connectivity, and security.


What Aspects Can Influence The Speed of ASP.NET Website?

 Internal AspectsExternal Aspects
Server Configurations Server Location
Server Activities Network/Accessibility
Web Performance Optimization
Server Configurations: How Does It Influence The Speed of ASP.NET Website?