ReviewHostingASP.NET – Nowadays, there are so many types of web hosting to choose from. If you are considering the Windows hosting, it basically operates on the same server where all your content is stored while at the same time handling events so that your website will run smoothly and efficiently. In some cases, the operating system to be used is an important consideration whether to choose Window web hosting, Linux or another operating system. In this article, we’re going to discuss about what are the benefits of using Windows hosting by defining the features of the system and comparing it to other operating system hosting platforms.


What is Windows Hosting?

Windows hosting is perhaps one of the most established and longest running hosting services on the internet today. From its simple beginnings hosting HTML pages, this hosting service has evolved to include large scale web based applications, facilitating interaction and exchange between site owners and end users. Windows hosting uses the proprietary Microsoft Windows operating system. The service enables the hosting of web sites on the internet. Sites using HTML code as well as ASP or ASP.NET framework are compatible with this hosting service. The information that makes up the pages of a site is stored in a server and whenever an end user views the site with a browser, an application within the server’s operating system renders the code to the browser. 

Benefits of Using Windows Hosting

Windows hosting is the only one that offers stable and updated services for sites scripted in ASP or ASP.NET. For beginners who have never designed a page before, the hosting services from windows can provide all the basics needed to start designing the site. Windows hosting services are also optimized to run Ajax and PHP codes. There are several benefits of using Windows hosting platform. We will go through each of the benefits in this column and outline why Windows Hosting may be right for your website.

The .NET Framework
ASP.NET is considered vital to Windows server hosting. It basically allows developers to create dynamic, unique and interactive web-content that can attract potential clients to their websites. With the ASP.NET framework, it helps in streamlining the process of developing web applications by supplying built-in codes to deal with common functions utilized on a regular basis. As a Microsoft project, ASP.NET can only be included in a Windows server hosting service. This is definitely a factor in attracting companies and businesses to choose a Windows server hosting. If your website relies on .NET or Visual Basic, Windows hosting is an excellent choice.  

.ASP and Dynamically Database Driven Pages
If you plan to use Active Server Pages or .ASP or if you need to have a dynamically database driven website, Windows is superior in this regard. Another servers do not support .ASP, which makes your choice clear if you plan to use this popular scripting language on your site. In fact, the popularity of .ASP is inducing many site owners to make the switch over to a Windows hosting platform, even if they have used a other platform for years.

Microsoft SQL Server Support and Access Compatibility
Microsoft SQL Server is the enterprise-class database server developed by Microsoft for larger businesses that require a scalable database hosting solution for their requirements. Most Windows hosting services will allow you to create at least one Microsoft SQL Server database under your web hosting account for use. Similarly to Microsoft Access databases, Microsoft SQL Server databases can be incorporated into classic ASP and ASP.NET web pages and scripts so that you can create highly scalable, dynamic websites that will be able to cope well under high loads. If your website needs to collect its data from an Access database, a Windows server will be able to integrate this database seamlessly. While there are many database options, such as MySQL, many people prefer to use Access. A Windows server will be able to make integration much easier. 

Front Pages Extensions
If you use the popular web design program, Microsoft Front Page, having a Windows hosting  will make your life a lot easier. You won’t have to worry about making sure your server supports extensions, as you would with a another operating system platform. 

Easier to Use
If you are familiar with the Windows operating system, having a Windows based server will make the learning process much easier. You won’t have to worry about learning a new language just to maintain your website. For beginners, this is a definite plus.
If you use Visual Interdev or plan to develop Windows based applications on your site, then a Windows platform will obviously be the best choice for you. Another operating system such as Linux, does not support Windows development programs and if this is the development language of your choice, you would be best served by a Windows based server.

Choosing the Best Windows Hosting Provider

window-hostingWith the staggering increase in web hosting options and web hosting providers, deciding on the right type of web hosting and the best web hosting provider for your website’s needs takes careful consideration. When choosing the best windows hosting provider, look for a host with web hosting best practices. Make sure you look for an ASP web hosting provider with a thorough understanding of ASP.NET hosting. The best windows hosting includes reliable hardware and software, upgrades, backups, and securing the network against vulnerabilities, outages, and natural disasters. Also note, it is important that a windows hosting provider does not overcrowd the servers and provides support at all times and in many ways like email, live chat, and telephone.

In addition to reliable, secure web hosting, the ASP.NET framework utilizes servers in specific ways. The hardware and software must be configured accordingly. To maximize the dynamic capabilities of ASP.NET, look for a windows hosting company that offers file and image hosting, audio/video streaming, blog applications, ample bandwidth and disk space, and an effective content management system. When it comes to database support, Windows hosting has proved to be much better than other options. For database servers like MSDE, MySQL or MSSQL, Windows platform provides complete integration. Windows hosting also provides better performance in comparison to other platforms. Even at high server loads the servers remain stable.

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The Benefits of Using Windows Hosting: What Makes Windows Hosting Different?