ReviewHostingASP.NET – ASP.NET is a fantastic application framework that is known for building website. Its reputation for delivering some of the world’s most complex websites make it a favorite for large organizations as well as hobbyists and freelance developers. However, in this modern day, one of important thing that you should notice in website development is performance. Performance not only makes a site seamless to use, but also increases the scalability of the website. Have you ever wondering why your ASP.NET website takes a long time to load? In this article, we will look of various aspects that can influence the speed of ASP.NET website. By knowing some of the following aspect, hopefully we can help you in improving the speed of your ASP.NET website.

The Speed of ASP.NET Website

Website visitors hate delay and the impact of slow response times is on visitors and revenue.

Web response time can have a major impact to visitors and revenue. In example, Google slowed their Search Engine by 500ms, then its traffic dropped by 20%. What Google learns from this trouble is the fast websites not only significantly increase user satisfaction but also improve the overall quality of the web. Another proof is had performed a test on their web site, and when they slowed the site by 100ms, the sales drop was 1%. As you would imagine for a company like Amazon, 1% is a huge loss. As you can see, performance is very important thing that you should pay attention to.

When a user visits any website, page loading time makes the first impression on his/her browsing experience. If your ASP.NET website takes it long to open, then it might harm the speed of ASP.NET website and can even send back some potential visitors who could be of your potential costumer or business interest.

What Aspects Can Influence The Speed of ASP.NET Website?

As ASP.NET developers, building an ASP.NET application is relatively easy with the use of many controls, however it is just not enough to use. Remember that 80-90% of page load time spent on downloading all components like HTML, CSS, Script files, images, flash. Therefore, you have to understand some aspects that can influence the speed of ASP.NET website. Many people consider the good architecture, optimized algorithm, the fast network and powerful web server are the key factors of ASP.NET website performance. To make it easier, we divide the aspects in two different categories: Internal Aspects and External Aspects. Click on the button below to learn more:

 Internal AspectsExternal Aspects
Server Configurations Server Location
Server Activities Network/Accessibility
Web Performance Optimization
What Aspects Can Influence The Speed of ASP.NET Website?