ReviewHostingASP.NET – One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your website is to be inaccessible. Is your website down again?  Sure there are other cases that will make a webmaster frustrated such as slow performance and hackers. In this article, we will show you how to check if your website is really down, and what should you do to against it.

What Should You Do If Your Website Is Down

Check Up Your Website, Is It Really Down?

There could be couple of reasons why you can’t access your website. A very common problem is when the hosting provider blocks your IP address. In this case you cannot access your site, nor other websites hosted on the same IP address. Another limitation can come from your IPS, for some reason your internet service provider can block you to access a certain range of IP addresses. Your computer, actually the browser you are using, can also limit you to view certain websites you visited before many times. To find out why your website is really down, you can perform the following tasks:

 Try to access your website using a proxy server 

A proxy works like a remote computer that has a separate IP address from yours, so if your IP address is blocked, through a proxy IP you can still access your site.

 Use a VPN to view your website 

VPN, virtual private networks, works similar to a proxy. is a plugin that can be installed to your web browser and can easily switch your IP address and your virtual browsing location.

 Use a website monitor 

A website monitor such as UptimeRobot can also be a good tool to provide you with uptime status information of your site. UptimeRobot is a free service, which allows you to monitor multiple websites at once.

If some of the above check also shows that your website is really down, most likely the problem is not from your end, so it is a server issue. You should contact the hosting company’s tech support, where your site is hosted, to investigate the problem. If it is a major problem, it may take a while to be fixed. Some companies will try to explain you why the servers are down, while others will take you as fool and say that everything is fine on their end. At this point, you cannot do much, just wait until the service is back. Yelling and arguing with the support won’t help either.

Now, What Should You Do If Your Website Is Really Down?

While your site is unavailable, you can do nothing, just hope that the problem is fixed quickly enough. If this problem occurs multiple times, and you are facing the same issue every other day, probably you should think switching hosting provider. If you are using shared host, there is no guarantee that your site will perform better on other company’s server, however there are couple of shared hosting providers, such as or, that really care about their clients and they do everything in their power to get over problems in a reasonable time frame.

Because service interruption can be caused by hardware fail, in case a hard-drive crashes you want to have a full backup of your website. Even if the company you are hosting with guarantees you with daily or weekly website backups, always keep a copy of your site on your computer. Adding Cloudflare to your site can also help in case your web host fails. Cloudflare is a free cloud based service, that creates a backup of your site, and while your web server is unavailable, the visitors of your website can still browse an older version. It is not the perfect solution, but it is free and at least you are still giving something to your readers.

Another option to reduce or avoid down-time is to move to cloud hosting. This is a relative new hosting technology that creates multiple copies of your website on multiple servers in multiple locations in the world. If one server fails, the files and database can still be accessed from the other servers. This service may be more costly than regular hosting service, but can reduce website down-time significantly. So if you want to reduce the down-time of your site, choose a reliable hosting service, you can browse through our review section to find out which hosting providers are good. Just perform daily or weekly backups of your website, using the tools you like, but always have the latest backups of your site.

What Should You Do If Your Website Is Really Down
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