In this article I will tell you about the best, cheap, and recommended windows and ASP.NET hosting provider in Australia. if you are developing website using windows technology you will need to find hosting provider which support and works well in windows technology. And this time we will review about DiscountService, and why DiscountService is recommended for your windows and ASP.Net hosting in Australia.

Why Windows Hosting?

Are your developer works using ASP, .Net or MS SQL technology? all of those technology only available in Windows Hosting, that’s some reason why you could choose windows hosting. Even if you are using PHP, or non windows tech. Windows hosting usually support that technology too. But it’s doesn’t always works otherwise.

DiscountService Service Review?

They had several hosting service such Shared Hosting, Re-seller, Cloud and SharePoint hosting, this service is divided into 4 plans such the lowest Beginner with only AUD 2.00, Economy, Professional and the greatest plan is Business plan. And even the cheapest (beginner shared hosting plans) they’ll provide with 1GB disk space and 10Gb bandwidth.

DiscountService Features Review

They provide you with the latest windows technologies.
  1. Windows 2012 Web Server, ASP.Net v2, 3.5 and 4.5
  2. Dedicated Pools
  3. The latest ASP.Net MVC
  4. Database 5 MySQL and MSSQL 2012
  5. Full trust, URL Rewrite modern
  6. Easy to use Control panel
  7. Supporting apps (such Umbraco, DotNetNuke, WordPress and other CMS)
  8. Nightly back up and monitoring services
Not only the latest windows technology have they also provided you with the world class data center they data center is located in Sydney, that very good if you are Australian and looking for the Australia hosting provider. It’s makes your sites more light to be accessed. They also had cooling system and fire suppression system ensuring all your data safe in their hand. Fiber and bandwidth provider, and also NOC built right in the center of their support facilities provide with certified staff.

Why choosing DiscountService for your Windows Hosting in Australia?

There are several reason why to choosing DiscountService for your windows hosting in Australia.
  • Price: this hosting provider, give you the best service with the lowest price you could afford, moreover currently they also giving you special promotion. They divide the plan from the cheapest plan (beginner, Economy, professional and the greatest is Business plan) they price is as low as only AUD 2.00/mo.
  • Great Feature: as I mention before discountservice provides you with the latest Microsoft technologies and not only that but also the best data center and service.  With that lowest price you could get application pools, full trust, recovery system and other best feature there.
  • Technical Support: they had NOC (network Operation Center) built in the center of their support facilities. Their NOC staff also certified system administrators and network engineer, they monitor everything to ensure your sites works well, and stable
  • Money back guarantee: to makes sure they provide you with the best service they give you a 30 money back guarantee. Even their basic service plans are equipped with standard service agreements for 99.99% uptime. They provide you with 24/7 network monitoring, firewall management and anti-malware monitoring.


If you are going to build your websites preferably using windows technology, this hosting is very recommended for you. Moreover if you are in Australia or your target are located in Australia. since their data center is located in Australia, but even your target wasn’t Australian they had very fast connection which can serving wherever your target located.
Why DiscountService is Recommended for Your Windows and ASP.NET 4.5 Hosting in Australia