ReviewHostingASP.NET – Images are static content and they do take some bandwidth when requested via a web server. One way to solve this is to reduce the size of the images, or in other words: optimize the images. Image “Optimization” does not mean that it reduces the quality of the image. But it will re-arrange the pixels and palettes to make the overall size smaller.

Images Optimization is  used to describe the process of image slicing and resolution reduction. This is done to make file sizes smaller so images will load faster.

How To Optimize Image in ASP.NET Website?

There are many third-party tools that can optimize images. The following VS extension would help you to optimize images in your ASP.NET website. Alternatively if you are using PNG’s in your site, is a good place to reduce the file size of those images.

What about Size of Favicon?

Size of favicon is often ignored. Sometimed, you may have not noticed that the size of favicon is considerably large. A favicon for a website normally has to be a cacheable *.ico file and can be 32×32 or 16×16. You can also read this good discussion on which format to use and why.



ASP.NET Web Performance Optimization: Optimizing Images