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ReviewHostingASP.NET – While some people prefer to use Windows as the operating system (OS) for their dedicated servers, many others prefer to use Linux. Linux is open-source software, can be configured to work efficiently for a variety of purposes and, in many instances, can be used free of charge. There are lots of discussion over the years for the Dedicated servers and the other types of web hosting solutions. If we look further to it, Linux Dedicated Server Hosting is the best type of web hosting and certainly has some advantages over its counter, Windows Dedicated servers. Why can we say this? Just continue to read this below explanation.

Best and Recommended Linux Dedicated Server Hosting with CentOS

The Advantages of Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

When it comes to cheap web hosting packages, most of the people think that shared hosting can be the only choice. But, the fact is that there are dedicated servers like Linux that can be purchased at an affordable cost. Here are some of the reasons why a Linux dedicated server hosting can turn out to be affordable as against other dedicated servers.

ReliabilitySetup CostsMonthly CostsSecurity

Organizations which are concerned about scalability and flexibility should put attention for Linux Dedicated Server. Server users are allowed to control their content along with server navigation with ease. A Linux dedicated server provides guaranteed uptime and optimum speed. It is truth that a dedicated server with Linux operating system allows you to expand your website as much as you require. Expansion of businesses that are using dedicated Linux servers is easily achieved by adding more servers because of the scalability of the system. It also provides a reliable environment for business operations and that fact also accounts for its popularity amount business owners.

Most dedicated servers come with a huge cost for setting up. The fee charged by them will cover the workload needed for installation of the server and in most cases, the cost will include the cost of the software installed on the server. The setup cost when it comes to Linux is generally smaller as the operating system related to this platform is generally free to use, not only for house use, but also for commercial use as well. In addition, it will be easier to find hosting companies, who can set up Linux for free, thereby saving a lot of money in the process. If you use Linux dedicated server hosting, you certainly save your bugs in the licensing of the operating systems and the software packages that Microsoft indulges. This helps you to save you money and you can in turn invest this money in the hardware infrastructure.

Generally, dedicated servers are stated to be costlier mainly because of the hefty monthly fee associated. Some operating systems like Windows that is required for operating the Windows dedicated server, costs more and therefore the licensing fee will be more. This cost is generally passed on to the customers on a monthly basis, thereby forcing them to pay hefty monthly fee. On the other hand, when it comes to Linux dedicated server that runs on Linux operating system, it is something that is affordable, mainly because Linux operating system comes for free.

A Linux dedicated server guarantees utmost data security and never crash. The technology is specially designed to protect data against malware, spyware, firewall, viruses and Trojans. Users will be able to maintain control of the content and navigation of the servers which provide high performance and a high uptime for the business. The community supported nature of Linux means that any reported bugs will be reported promptly and fixed. 

Why Linux Dedicated Server Hosting with CentOS?

The second biggest problem in deciding to use Linux dedicated server hosting is we have to choose on which distribution to install. For dedicated servers, the most popular Linux distributions is CentOS. CentOS stands for Community Enterprise Operating System, and it is a community-based rebuild of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Two reasons that CentOS is noteworthy for Linux dedicated server hosting:

Based on a Commercial Distribution

It’s basically a free version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the most widely-supported distribution in corporate IT. By association, this means that CentOS also enjoys widespread enterprise support. That alone gives it considerable clout, and effectively makes it the only sensible choice if you’re looking for a low-cost alternative to one of the mainstream server options.

Highly Stable
CentOS also one of the most stable, secure, and hardened community-driven distributions around. This security makes it a very good choice for anything Internet-facing, while its reputation for stability means that you can rest easy using it to run mission-critical servers. As an added bonus, working with CentOS means you’re building the skills to work with RHEL.

Choosing Best and Recommended Linux Dedicated Server Hosting with CentOS

The task of choosing a Linux dedicated server hosting provider can often seem daunting, with many providers offering different services at varying price points with diverse specifications. After reviewed hundreds of different Linux dedicated server web hosts and here we’d like to recommend the 3 of best and recommended Linux dedicated server hosting companies for you to check further. With the aid of these reviews, hopefully it can help you to choose a Linux dedicated server hosting with CentOS as simple, easy and informative as possible.

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Here comes DiscountService.com.au, HostForLIFE.eu and ASPHostPortal.com, the quality hosting providers that offer the best and recommended Linux dedicated server hosting services with CentOS. This decision is based on the 5 aspects that are mainly reviewed for choosing Linux web hosting:

The web hosts with the uptime guarantee and at least 30 days full money back guarantee are more trusted that you can be risk free for the trial.

The support to more programming scripts providing you more flexibility on choosing the hosting website software, such as PHP, Ruby on Rails, Perl and Python as well as the database support such as MySQL and PostgreSQL.

Easy Control Panel
A well designed and reliable control panel help you easily get started and have more control on your website, data and files. The well known control panel for Linux web hosting is cPanel which provides rich features and integrates with rich application installer scripts, like WordPress, b2evolution, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Technical Support
The skilled, experienced and fast-respond technical support team help you with less problems or waiting for less time to get your problems out. The stability of a website is the most important key to grow traffic and make money.

 Affordability is the last consideration on the ranking. At most time the service you gotten equals to the money you paid. But for the marketing positioning for dedicated server hosting, we only recommend Linux dedicated server hosting cheaper than $270/month. 

Best and Recommended Linux Dedicated Server Hosting with CentOS