SEO Tips 2014 #2 – 7 Step to Recover Your Blog or Site From Google Panda Update 4.0

In previous posts I have discussed about 5 Tips to Survive in the Google Panda Update, now I will discuss about 7 Step to Recover Your Blog or Site From Google Panda Update 4.0.

Google Panda, also called Google Farmer is a program basically designed for search engines. The first Update Google Panda came on February 24, 2011. It makes use of artificial intelligence In a measurable and sophisticated way. It basically makes judgement on the quality of content, its originality, uniqueness and the amount of relevance.

The first thing which you should be doing as webmaster. The recent Panda update was rolled out on 21st May 2014, go to your analytics and see the graphs for the above mentioned date and compare it with last 10 days. If you see a significant drop or rise in traffic, that means your website is getting the hiccups of the Google Panda effect. So if you are one of those who are seeing an increase in traffic, it’s time to take a break! Grab a coffee or have gala time with your friends.

Here is factors cause Google Panda penalty :

  1. Duplicate or too much Short content (below 150 words)
  2. Content Farm
  3. Content with high number of grammatical and Spelling errors
  4. Site Speed to Slow
  5. Advertisement Percentage Higher than Content
  6. Hidden content
  7. Linking to Low quality sites or pages
  8. Too many broken links

And now, here is 7 Step to Recover Your Blog or Site From Google Panda Update 4.0:

1. Design Matters

If you think packaging doesn’t matter but only contents matter, Google will not agree. Make your website attractive. Even if you do not want to commercialize your blog, give it a professional look. Attractive advertisement posts on your site make your blog/website more lucrative. Keep your site clean and well run.

2. Find and Remove Low quality Content

If you got Penalty from Panda, then you must have some low quality pages on your Blog. Now, your job is to find them and delete or edit. Google always take good quality content. If your article is good information and total article cover with many keyword then it will be helpful for Google search engine result and recover your site from google panda effect. When you write a post or Article ensure that your article have more information. If your article is full of more good and real information with relevant keyword then it will be a good quality Article.

3. De-index Unnecessary Pages

There may be many unnecessary pages on your blog, especially when newbies start with WordPress, there are many sample pages which they forget to remove and then, it harms sites ranking. So, De-index those pages from a search using “Remove URL from search” option in Google Webmasters tool.

4. Use keywords moderately

When naming the articles, using the sub heads or setting links, you need to remember that you use the keywords that are popular and mostly used by the people when they search for something. While doing this, you need to keep in mind that there is stiff competition on these keywords and so you need to choose the best keywords possible. So, use the keywords that are used moderately as there will be a bit less competition on those keywords.

5. External links

If you are one of those who are selling paid links or doing paid reviews about anything, you should stop doing it. Linking to bad neighborhood will significantly make difference in your search engine ranking. If for any reason you need to link to any bad site, use nofollow attributes. Same goes for an affiliate URL. Though Google doesn’t give much weight to nofollow attributes, but it does make a difference. It’s a myth that too many external link will affect your ranking, if you are linking to legit and useful content it’s ranking will not go down or will not be affected. So you have to take extra precaution when you are linking to other sites, especially if you are running a multi-author blog, you should make sure that link or guest post is coming from bloggers in the similar or relevant niche.

6. Quality PR links.

Give your site the edge with quality backlinks. In order to do so, get in touch with other sites to write guest blogs and generate good backlinks. PR links do help to climb the ladder of high rank in search list and also you might witness traffic increase in your blog. Take the service of some Link Builders to ensure major backlinks for your site.

7. Improve Social Media Promotion

Social media are considered as the new SEO of a modern Internet Era. So, improve your social media presence. It will help you rank higher in the rankings and keep Google animals away. A proper use of Social media can help a medium quality page rank a lot higher than a high quality page because Google will think it provides better knowledge as it has many shares, tweets, and likes. So, focus on Social networking and Bookmarking sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg, Delicious, Pinterest, etc.) more from now onwards.

One thing that everyone should remember is that Google doesn’t update site manually. It’s only a set of algorithms which follow certain rules. If you are following guidelines, there is no way that your site will be affected by any algorithm change. It is now becoming an essential for every blogger to know SEO basics.

If you were affected by the Panda algorithm and are trying to recover, follow all the above steps. It might take some time before Google will re-crawl and re-index your website, but once it does, you might get lucky and get back your lost traffic.

SEO Tips 2014 #2 – 7 Step to Recover Your Blog or Site From Google Panda Update 4.0