While waiting for the stable release of WordPress 4.0 In this article I will going to guide you to choosing the best cheap and recommended WordPress 3.9 hosting solution for your sites. WordPress 3.9 is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress 3.9 is both free and priceless at the same time.

WordPress.org is an open-source software, meaning it is constantly improved by a community of developers that are constantly tweaking and improving the software for the gain of everyone. With the open-source version of WordPress 3.9 and the right hosting company, you download and install WordPress 3.9 software script in just moments, although if you have the coding chops, it’s a little more limited than the open-source version.

Requirement to Run WordPress 3.9

In order to install WordPress 3.9 your host needs a couple of things:
  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

So simple, even with the cheapest shared hosting you still can running an optimized your sites.

Why Choosing WordPress 3.9?

There are several reason you need to choose WordPress 3.9 for your sites, and I had list those reason below:

Free and Open Source!

As the technology grown, WordPress 3.9 also offered a free, WordPress 3.9 is completely free to use and it’s easy to use and understand, built by PHP and MySQL as their database core. It will cost you any money!

Publish any Content

This is one of my favorites, you can easily publish any content on your WordPress 3.9 sites, it’s doesn’t like any CMS which only allow to publish text and picture, with WordPress 3.9 you can publish anything from text, music to the videos.

Plug ins

Like you already known that wordpress 3.9 give such huge community support, and they not only solve your problem but they also offered their plugins, you can easily found plugins for wordpress 3.9 anywhere, and for anything, picture gallery, custom permalink, SEO Plugins for wordpress 3.9, Social media and many moore. 

Community Support

As I mentioned above that wordpress 3.9 is open source software, this will alow you to check and edited those code listing in order to make your sites more suitable for you. And as the community grows you may get so many support from them who also used this open source feature. You will easily found their support as easy as searched google in page one.

How to Choose the Best Cheap and Recommended WordPress 3.9 Hosting Solution

If you already making your decision to choosing WordPress 3.9 as Websites solution you should know what kind of hosting provider should choose in order to get the best, cheap and recommended hosting service for your sites, So I already listed these thing for you to underlined what’s kind of thing should be noted.


No one going to had as slow sites and this should be the main thing to be noted, makes sure your hosting provide a ultra speed even if you choose the cheapest shared hosting,

Disk Space and Bandwidth

As you already known that WordPress 3.9 allow you to publish any kind of content from text to videos, but what that feature for if your hosting provider cannot give you enough Disk Space and Bandwidth to do so?  you should ensure that your hosting could provide enough disk space and bandwidth in order to run your WordPress effectively.

Support Performance and Back ups

You need to makes sure your hosting provider will provides you with their best performance and 24/7 support, and also give you fast response for every problem you faced. Not only support and performance, you should ensure that they back up data regularly.

HostForLIFE for Your WordPress 3.9 Hosting Solution

For so many hosting provider I will suggests you to using HostForLIFE to host your WordPress 3.9 sites. This hosting provider is well known as a best cheap and recommended hosting. These are some reason why HostForLIFE is very good hosting provider for your WordPress 3.9.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

HostForLIFE offered unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth for WordPress 3.9 Hosting and it cost only €3.00/month as I mention about advantage using WordPress, this is one of the very good feature that HostForLIFE Offered.

MoneyBack Guarantee

They offered you with 30 days money back guarantee in case that their performance is not meet your expectation, if you feel unsatisfied with their service just ask them to get your money back with the 30 days. You had a month to decide whether their service are satisfying or not.

One Click Installation

HostForLIFE also provides you with one Click Installation for your WordPress 3.9 sites, it will reduce your task to install this CMS on your sites. Just one clicked and you’ve got WordPress 3.9 installed successfully for your sites,

Feature and Add on

They are rich of feature, like daily backups, daily server monitor, ticketing based support  and so many add on will useful for your sites. Static IP, FTP User,  scheduled task and many more.

The Best, Cheap and Recommended WordPress 3.9 Hosting Solution for Your Sites in Europe