ReviewHostingASP.NET – There have been some advancements in the industry of wireless phone and specially the mobile technologies. When we look around us, we realize the extent of popularity it has gained. Based on a statistical data, there are almost equal number of viewers for your website or your blog viewing via mobile devices and traditional internet. This ratio is expected to increase with an increasing popularity of smartphones in the days to come. So, it becomes important to make your WordPress website to be mobile friendly in order to be accessed by viewers accessing your site via mobile devices. In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert WordPress website into mobile friendly.

How To Convert WordPress Website Into Mobile Friendly

How To Convert WordPress Website Into Mobile Friendly

It may be possible that not many are aware of the fact that most of the high traffic WordPress based websites/blogs already have optimized portals for being accessible for mobile devices and gadgets. Since WordPress hosting is one of the most popular segment of the industry, there are multiple ways that are suggested on various websites for making a site mobile friendly without making much changes. It is pretty simple since it is WordPress first-of-all. There are various WordPress plugins that have been specifically designed and developed to serve this purpose:


This WP plugin has the ability of developing mobile themes and plugins which would regularly convert the WP-site into an entirely new web application platform when viewing it from iPhone along with iPod Touch, Blackberry and Android smartphones as well. Users have the option to choose between Free as well as Premium themes. There are 4 theme that can be accessed from the Wptap sidebar, namely :

  1. Tap News (iPhone Application stylish theme for mobile phones).
  2. Video Tube (used for video blogging and media content spreading on a mobile version of a site).
  3. News Gallery (for image-focused and developed in a magazine style WordPress blogs).
  4. News Press (applied for News and Blog section and other text-centric WP websites).

WP Mofuse

Users don’t have to pay for this plugin, it is offered for free. This too can be a good pluginto transform your WordPress blog into mobile friendly site. WordPress websites using this plugin are accessible by different devices which includes iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other smartphones as well. The only drawback with Mofuse is that, it does not give the users much flexibility nor freedom, hence, few users deny using it. But there are some users who find installing it very simple.


This is one more WP-plugin for mobile devices which offers a sort of special mobile theme for users who get connected to their WordPress blogs from their phones. This plugin would automatically transform your WP blog into a web-application experience when checked from iPhone, iPod touch, Blackberry Storm and Android devices as well. It also offers a reliable panel for administration.

WordPress Mobile Edition

Now, this is one of a kind plugin. It is capable of detecting if a request has come from a mobile browser or a normal browser. If a visitor access your website from a mobile browser, it presents an interface designed for a mobile devices. Its installation is a bit tricky though. But once done, it works smoothly.

We have also converted this blog into mobile friendly. Just check out on your mobile devices as well. Good luck!

WordPress Hosting Tutorial – How To Convert WordPress Website Into Mobile Friendly