ReviewHostingASP.NET – In this tutorial, we will show you how to display video as slideshow in your Joomla page using the combination of FlexSlider and OSYoutube. Flexslider is a jQuery plugin to create slideshows and OSYouTube is a very useful Joomla plugin that allows you to embed videos easily. By using both of these together plus template overrides, you can create a video slideshow.

How To Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page?

So, let’s begin!

Step 1

You can download and install OSYoutube. Just go to and download the OSYouTube plugin. Then install OSYoutube through Extensions > Manage > Upload and Install.

Step 2

First, let’s create a category for your video content. In this example, we’re going to call it “Videos”. Just go to Content > Categories then Add new category.

After that, let’s create articles assigned to the new category. Just go to Content > Articles > Add new article. Don’t forget to set a title. In the body, paste the URL of a YouTube video.

Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page 1

You have to assign the article to the new category and save it. You can create as many articles you need, each article should include a single video.

Step 3

Now, we have to create the template override. Go to Extensions > Template manager > Templates. Choose “Create overrides” tab. Then, click mod_articles_news.

Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page 2

This will create a set of files in /templates/yourtemplate/html/mod_articles_news/

Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page 3

Step 4

In this step we will integrate Flexslider 2. Follow this steps:

  • Download Flexslider from the developer’s page
  • Decompress the zip file
  • Look for the jquery.flexslider-min.js file and move that inside your /templates/yourtemplate/js/ folder
  • Look for the flexslider.css file and move that inside your templates/yourtemplate/css/ folder
  • Look for the fonts folder and move that inside your templates/yourtemplate/css/ folder

Step 5

Now, you can customize the override. Create a new PHP file named slideshow.php. Then, Save it inside templates/yourtemplate/html/mod_articles_news/.

Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page 4

After that, add this following code:

Take a look at this part of the code below. This code loads the new Javascript and CSS files:
And this code below executes the jQuery plugin in the elements with the flexslider class and prevents the slideshow from autoplaying.
If your template doesn’t use jQuery, add this line before loading flexslider.css:

Step 6

It’s time to create a Newsflash module. Go to Extensions > Module manager > New. Choose Articles – Newsflash. And then select the category. After that go to In Advanced > Alternative layout choose slideshow.

You can set the parameters as in the screenshot below:

Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page 5

Don’t forget to save it.

Step 7

It’s done! Go to the front of your site to check out how it looks, the content will update automatically thanks to the Newsflash module:

Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page 6

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Joomla Hosting Tutorial – How To Display Video as Slideshow in Joomla Page