ReviewHostingASP.NET – The number of websites in a server will influence the speed of ASP.NET website. If your server doesn’t have a good deal of available RAM, and you are on a Windows shared hosting plan, other sites can degrade the performance of the entire server by running certain applications or processes. The amount of sites that are allowed on a shared hosting server can also greatly affect the overall speed of the server. A server can only handle processing so many requests at one time. If it is continually overloaded, it can slow down and gradually become unstable. Why do these things matter for your ASP.NET website? A slow server translates into a slow site or a site that may frequently go down.

How Does Server Activities Influence The Speed of ASP.NET Website?

As an illustration, if you use public transportation such as buses, sure you would prefer to buses which are not full with people. If the bus is too crowded, maybe you won’t feel comfortable. It’s the same thing for a website that is hosted in a server. Yes, the activities on a server can influence the speed of ASP.NET website. The activity can be the number of visitors to a web server or some activities conducted by the specific web server (for example, there is a web that provide online gaming, etc.) These activities will certainly lead to another sites which exist on the same server becomes slow. If you have decided to have a graphically intense website, a slow server will make the load time for your images incredibly long. This means that your visitors may give up on your site if they can’t quickly get to what they want to see.

Regarding to image loading problems, your applications can also suffer. If you are running PHP scripts on your site, having a slow server just compounds the problems faced by shared hosting customers. Your applications will be slow to load, take longer to process and make in fact, time out. Once again, this means that your customers or visitors won’t be able to complete their visit at your site. In addition, if you plan on having audio or video files, a slow server will result in buffering problems and other issues with these files. Download times for these large files may be increased, and may time out during the transfer process. Transferring or uploading your files on a slow server can be a maddening process. Many FTP programs will time out, often necessitating starting your file transfer over again. For a large audio or video file, this could mean wasted hours.

There are a lot of hosting providers that provide super cheap ASP.NET hosting solutions, however, they server filled by hundreds and even thousands of sites. How can your sites running fast if your site couldn’t “breathe” because of the crowd? Then it’s time to move your site into more reliable ASP.NET hosting provider. If you’re looking for best and affordable ASP.NET hosting, we recommend top web hosts based on Windows 2012 and SQL Server 2014 for you as following: keeps releasing various hosting services to meet the needs of different ASP.NET websites. Their hosting plan provides unlimited domain, huge bandwidth and disk space. achieves a 100% compatibility for your ASP.NET hosting with the latest Microsoft applications and ASP.NET framework technology, such as: WebMatrix, WebDeploy, Visual Studio 2015, .NET 5/ASP.NET 4.5.2, ASP.NET MVC 6.0/5.2, Silverlight 6 and Visual Studio Lightswitch etc. It’s only pricing at $5.00/month has very good reputation in ASP.NET hosting industry especially in European continent. Their technical support, customer service, and web host reliability are indisputable. Their ASP.NET full trust level provides you a balance between flexibility and web hosting security. Their best ASP.NET hosting plan is starting at €3.00/month with unlimited domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space and the latest Microsoft technology (ASP.NET, IIS, MSSQL, etc). If you’re more sensitive on hosting features, customer service and performance, is the suitable one.

All of hosting providers above do not overload their servers with thousands of websites. Even they do load balancing in our servers so the traffic is not only centered on one server. In addition, they always monitor usage/activity of existing website on their servers. This is done to ensure none of one or two websites on a server that uses a high CPU or RAM.

What Aspects Can Influence The Speed of ASP.NET Website?

 Internal AspectsExternal Aspects
Server Configurations Server Location
Server Activities Network/Accessibility
Web Performance Optimization
Server Activities: How Does It Influence The Speed of ASP.NET Website?